Session 5


Dua before starting anything.

Has shop – sakina and amina

Actor 2 book

Meandmawla shop and array of latest cds. 

wHich is your favourite scientist



Sparkly Spiraly ‘Actor 1’- As yourself scientist

Nautical ‘Actor 2’ – as yourself marine biologist

EF- ‘Actor 3’ 



Easel with chart drawn

Telescope for Actor 1 –

Your phone – Actor 1

Actor 2 and Actor 3 on a boat – Actor 3 boat

Actor 2 – your phone

One Black bag full of news paper to pretend is full of straws.

Smoothies in little mason jars with reusable straws inside 

Little bag with chai/ reusables / water bottle –

I pledge never to use plastic straws sign – 

Large ikea container with water 

Wood piece – 

Styrofoam piece –

Styrofoam boat – home made –

Coin – 

Wooden boat – 

Metal toy ship – 

2 balls same size of playdough – 

Safintun Najath poster – Amazing visual for children – 


Sparkly Spiraly Actor 1 was busy working observing the stars late one night. She sat down and with her telescope searching for shooting stars. As she waited patiently and watched, she began to sing. 

Actor 1 to be on sofa looking for stars with telescope and sing softly the below rhyme


You can count on me like 1,2,3 I’ll be there , I’m a friend that cares, I can count on you like 4,3,2, You’ll be there you ‘re a friend that cares. Count on me x4 If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea!

Stuck in the middle of the sea, she thought to herself.

Actor 1 to stand up as if in wonder come to centre stage

Stuck in the middle of the sea on a boat or a ship or something right,

Hmmmmmmmmmm! She said. Hmmmmmmm she thought, 

Look puzzled and walk from side of stage to side of stage Actor 1


What are boats and ships made of? Why don’t they sink?

I better get one of my super saah scientist friends to help me understand. That’s what friends do. Help you out. 

Act as if talking aloud on stage Actor 1


Let me call Nautical Actor 2, the marine biologist. Shes always out at sea.  I bet she’d be able to help me. Let me dial her number. 


Actor 1 to pretend to dial on her phone, talking to yourself facing the crowd and put on loud speaker so kids can hear. Use the pink speaker so its loud. 


Salaam Alaykum, Nautical Actor 2! How are you? 

Actor 1 say above lines yourself


Wa alaykum salaam Super Sparkly Spiraly Actor 1. I’m good, Alhamdullilah. How are you doing? 

Actor 2 to reply the above lines from back stage


I’ve been thinking and wanted your help with something. Can I drop by to visit you later in the morning please.

Actor 1 to say these lines on stage


Of course, Super Actor 1, I’m in the middle of a deep sea mission collecting plastic straws that are troubling the underwater animals. EF, Environmentalist Actor 3 is with me. She’s really troubled by the amount of plastic straws there are, that are hurting the sea turtles and other animals. 


We should be back on land in about an hour, 2 tops. Why don’t you drop by my lab a little later. 

Actor 2 to say the above lines on the phone-


Oh that would be lovely, thank you Nautical Actor 2. And be rest assured, I go everywhere with my reusable straw. All my juices, smoothies, I drink with my super sparkly metal straw. 


Actor 1 to say above lines herself


Great! See you later, Super Actor 1. 

Actor 2 say above lines


Give my love to EF! Khudahafis, safe ride back. Actor 1 to say


Khudahafis, Super Actor 1.  Actor 2 to say


Actor 1, went into her kitchen and decided to whip up some healthy smoothies for her friends. She figured they would be hungry. She got some fruits and yogurt and made a yummy smoothie. She packed a little basket with the smoothies and the re usable straws.

Actor 1 to pretend to make smoothie and then pack little basket with the smoothies with reusable straws for friends

Actor 4 help to give Actor 1 the stuff. Wear black as backstage human


She set off to visit Nautical Actor 2 and EF, Environmentalist Actor 3. 

Actor 1 to go other direction so crowd watching you that side and in the meantime Actor 2 and Actor 3 to come on stage with coats and bring some stuff so it looks like Actor 2s lab


Salaam Alaykum dear friends. 

Do the handshake with each other. Make it all together 3 of you style. Actor 2 Actor 1 and Actor 3


How was your trip? Super Sparkly Spiraly Actor 1. Can you guess how many black bags we collected of plastic straws? 

Actor 2 to pretend to say

Actor 1 to guess – 3

You’re cold. Actor 2 show facial expression and hand gestures for cold etc till warm later on below

Actor 1 to guess – 5

You still cold

Actor 1 to guess -7

Getting warmer

Actor 1 to guess – 11

Still warm

Actor 1 to guess 17


Actor 1 to geuss 23

Yes, that’s absolutely right. We collected 23 huge black bags of just plastic straws. 

Actor 3 to pretend to lift one black bag as if it is so heavy


Gosh, that’s an awful lot of straws. Yes and what more, they are ending up inside the bodies of the turtles. Other sea animals are all dying while we use a straw only once and throw it away. 

Actor 3 to show picture of turtle in turtle book

Birds are also dying because they think plastic is food. 

Watch this video of some of my marine environmentalist friends trying to pull a straw out of the nose of a sea turtle. Its very painful.

Actor 3 to bring the ipad to show the video and allow children to watch.Keep it up so children can see. 

I pledge not to use plastic straws! 

Lets get the world to pledge. 

Zohra to get everyone to say after:


Actor 4 to bring sign that says, I pledge never to use Plastic straws

Give sign to Actor 3 and hold up.


I brought my reusable straws for us all to enjoy a healthy smoothie. Thank you so much. 

And its so easy. Just pack you bag whenever you go out with your resuables. See my bag has a chai cup incase I stop by the chai guys to have some tea. I have my reusable kit for anytime anywhere eating. And my straws too. Plus my reusable water bottle and look all so compactly packed in here. Just like a I remember to pack my keys and phone, I pack my reusables.

Actor 1 to give friends the smoothies. Actor 2 and Actor 3 drink quickly and Actor 1 to go on and show your bag an dhow easy it is to pack it and keep ready all the time


I ordered some straws for all our friends at Meandmawla and for their mummies too. We’ll give them their reusable straws after our meandmawla class. What do you think?


So how can I help you, Super Actor 1? Asked Nautical Actor 2. 

Actor 2 to exaggerate and ask Actor 1

Well, I was wondering how do boats stay afloat. 


I love questions. Super Actor 1. Lets 

Lets play a game to answer your question.

Actor 2 to bring the container with water in it and the materials for the below experiment. Actor 4 to help bring stuff and set the container of water onto the table so children can see at the back


I have this container of water. I have 3 different materials that many boats and ships are made of. There is this wood. There is this plastic and lastly metal. Lets take them one at a time and see what happens. How about we record our scientific findings on my board here. 

Easel set up with the chart written up. 

Drum role- zohra get kids to drum role

Throw the wood into the water. Actor 1 to Tick on floats

It floats

Drum role- zohra get kids to drum role

Throw the plastic into the water Actor 1 to tick on float

It floats

Drum role – zohra gets kids to drum role

Throw coin into the water. – Actor 1 to put x on sink

It sinks!

Ok, now lets try with the toy boats that I have


Drum role

Place the Nabi nuh wooden boat into the water

It floats

Drum role

Place the plastic boat into the water

It floats

Drum role

Place the metal ship into the water

It floats. 


Super Actor 1 to pretend to ask.

So how come the metal coin sank but the metal ship sailed. 


Well, its science of course. It’s the science of buoyancy. 

Can you say that. BOUYANCY


Actor 3 remove all the things from the water so the experiment is clear for the children when they watch


Bouyancy is the ability for something to float. 


Short Bouyancy rhyme


Lets take these 2 balls of play dough. If I throw this ball in, it….. (throw it in Actor 2) sinks. 

Actor 3 to give Actor 2 the supplies needed. 

This is because the buoyant force is not strong enough. But if I shape the play dough into a boat, it ……. (shape the play dough into a bowl and gently place in water) …. Floats. It floats because there is more surface area.  A greater surface area, displaces more water. The mass or weight of the playdough did not change, just it’s shape. 

Actor 2 to mould the play dough into a bowl like shape and gently place in the water.


So the metal coin has less surface area and sinks, while the metal ship shape has changed its shape, more surface area of the metal and so it floats. 


It’s a little bit like friendship. When we are friends, we have more love area so our FRIEND SHIP is buoyant. If we don’t spread what we have inside of us to others the buoyant friendship force is less. In fact it is not a FRIEND SHIP then. 


Actor 2 to pretend to talk and show with the play dough again


All this talk of ship reminds me of one the most beautiful friendships we have on earth. Actor 3 to pretend to say. 


Its also a ship. Its called the safinatun Najath. Safina means ship. Najath means safe.

Actor 1inatun Najath poster – Actor 4 to bring out and give to Actor 3 to hold


 If we board this ship, we are on the safest ship of all. It is the most buoyant friendship in the world. Anyone who boards this ship is sure to be safe and secure, both in this world and the next. Do you know whose friendship this could be with? 

Actor 3 to stand with poster and show crowd. Actor 1 and Actor 2 and Actor 4 to go back stage and get ready for next part

Allow crowd to guess. 


There is a lovely saying of Rasullulah. He says, the example of the Ahlul Bayt is like that of Nabi Nuh. The one who boards it is saved. 


You all know the story of Nabi Nuh don’t you? All the people and animals that boarded the ship or ark of Nabi Nuh were safe, while the whole earth was covered with water. Only the animals and people on the ship were safe. Why? Bouyancy of course. Buoyant friendship with the guide kept them safe. 


Actor 3 to show an image of Nabi Nuh story book on stage here


Rasullulah also says, that the ship of Imam Husayn is the ship that saves you. 


The story of one of the bouyant friendships with Imam Husayn comes to my mind all the time. May I share this story with you.

Actor 3 to pretend to ask. After children say yes, Its your cue to come on stage Actor 4 and Actor 1 and Actor 2. Actor 3 slowly get off stage and go and get ready


Habib was a friend of Imam Husayn. They played tag and other games together. 

Do you play together as friends?  What games do you like to play?

Buy time for Actor 3 to change

Actor 1 and Actor 2 to come on stage as Imam Husayn and Habib

Actor 4 switch on the light when Actor 1 comes on stage


One day, Imam Husayn was going for a walk with Rasullulah and Mazahir – Habibs dad and Habib. 

Actor 4 and Actor 3 to come as HP and Mazahir

As they walked, Rasullulah noticed how kind Habib was to Imam Husayn. He walked in Imam Husayns footsteps revering his friend so beautifully.

Actor 2 to walk behind Actor 1 and touch with your fingers and place to your lips and kiss the footsteps where she walks.

When they sat down for a while, With tears in his eyes, Rasullulah told Mazahir, that your son, Habib is an amazing friend and will come to help his friend Imam Husayn in Kerbala. 

Actor 1 and Actor 2 to carry on playing and Actor 4 and Actor 3 to sit down on bench or somewhere. Then get up and Actor 3 and Actor 4 leave the scene and Actor 2 too.


Later on as Habib and Imam Husayn grew, Imam Husayn became the Imam of the time. 

Actor 1 to stand centre stage and act with humility and kindness

Yazid wanted Imam Husayn to shake hands with him and say yes to be friends with doing wrong.

Actor 3 to give hand out from back stage and Actor 1 to do a cross with her hands 

Imam Husayn refused, wanting to protect us all, his dear friends and save our blessed religion, Islam. 


At that time, Habib, his friend lived in a city called Kufa. 

Actor 2 to come on stage with paper and pen. Pretend to write letter and give to Actor 4 as messenger to give to Imam Husayn

The people there wanted a guide and a leader. Habib, Imam Husayn childhood friend wrote the first letter to Imam Husayn calling him to Kufa. Sadly, when Yazid found out about this, he told all the people in Kufa terrible things and while they also wrote letters to Imam Husayn to come to Kufa, they went back on their word. They were not true friends. 


When Imam Husayn was stopped by Hurr from going to Kufa, he was directed to go to Kerbala. 

Actor 3 to come as Hurr and stop Imam Husayn going to Kufa in direction where Actor 2 is standing

In Kerbala, Imam Husayn wrote a letter to his friend, Habib telling him to come to Kerbala.

Actor 1 to write letter and give to Actor 4 to take to Actor 2. Actor 4 leave and put on a different colour wcarf draping your shoulders and come as Habibs wife to side where Actor 2 is


Habib was sitting having his breakfast when the letter arrived.

Actor 2 to sit somewhere on stage and pretend to eat humbly

His wife asked him, whats the matter? He said, I have received a letter from Imam Husayn. He is calling me to Kerbala. His wife, a wonderful friend to her husband said, what are you waiting for, Go! Go! To your best friend, Imam Husayn. Do your fastabikul khayrat and ahsanu amala. Ride the buoyant friend ship of safety and peace. The Ship of Imam Husayn.

Actor 4 to pretend to act these lines above


Habib travelled ever so fast to Kerbala. 

Actor 2 to get on Hisan horse and pretend to ride hobby horse to Imam Husyan

When he arrived, Imam Husayn hugged his dear friend. 

Actor 2 to hug so tightly Actor 1

What a ship, what a buoyant friendship this is. 


Part 2 of the buoyancy rhyme


Habib did what he could on that day in KErbala for his dear friend. He gave his all. True friendship is like that. 

Actor 2 to leave stage area


In turn, Habib chose to be with Imam Husayn and where is he now? In the beautiful gardens of heaven where all the friends of Imam Husayn and his family will reside. 

That’s our to be home too isn’t it?

Actor 1 to stay on stage here.


The buoyant ship of Imam Husayn and his family, the Ahlul Bayt is the best ship to board. It is the safest coolest fastest sparkliest ship ever. All you got to do is be friends with the Ahlul bayt. They are with you in this world and the next. 

Actor 3 to come back as EF and show the poster again

Actor 1 to exit and then the rest of scientists come back as scientists and recite dua tawassul rhyme together. 


To help us ask the ahlul bayt to always be with us, help us, many people around the world recite a dua called Dua Tawassul. It’s a dua our best friend, Mawla Mahdi AF has given us. He teaches us how to ask all the captains of this beautiful ever buoyant sparkly ship for help when we need. Lets recite it together and lets remember, whenever we want anything, ask through the captains of the buoyant sparkly ship, the safinatun najath. 


Dua tawassul rhyme only the imam husayn stanza and the chorus beginning and end plus ayat at the end. When we send, we will send the whole rhyme

As we recite the rhyme, we place each personality in the ship. Then we place the little men, which children made. To illustrate the safe and secure for them all. 


Now I get it, Said Super Sparkly Spiraly Actor 1. For a ship to float it needs to be buoyant and the most buoyant ship is the friendship with the Ahlul bayt. Its unsinkable! 


Yawmaizin Laa Tanfauh Shafaatu illah man Adhina lahur Rahmanu wa radhiya lahu qawl


On that day, shall no intercession avail except of him whom the Beneficient Allah allows and whose word he is pleased with. 


Allah loves the words of the Ahlul bayt, the radhiyalahu qawl and they will do shafa ath or help us, their friends. Lets always be friends with the Ahlul Bayt and board the buoyant ship- the safinatun najath. 


Labbaykh Ya Husayn! Labbayah Ya Husayn!




Actor 3  – Save the world Environment station


Water play. The children get to enjoy water play where there are sea creatures and turtles and some straws and talk them through what happens when straws are thrown into the sea.  One straw takes 200 years to biodegrade. Many people throw the straws into the oceans and this is making the animals sick. In the water, there are sea creatures in a paddling pool with some cut pieces of straws. 

Show children how easy it is to carry their reusable straws everywhere. If we want to care for the environment, then we will do our bit. Meandmawla giving away reusable straws to use all as a gift. Always use them knowing you are doing your bit to save the earth. Teach them how to wash them after drinking. When we do this small simple act, we are being a true friend to our Awaited Imam whose oceans and lands belong to him. We say salaam to him, that means, we are at peace with him and what he owns and will never hurt anything to do with our friend. Hence, we will not do things that hurt his earth like use straws. Bring out the pledge and get children to pledge never to use plastic straws. Also guide them to spreading this message to all their friends and family.

Teach them how to pack a bag for school or madrasah or msq or when they go out where we are training them to not fall for convenience lifestyle. Talk about this in your station and its adverse effects. Let children writre their names on their Plastic Straws suck pledge and add to the godly identity. Young children also taought how to pack when we go out. All reusables and reusable straw also.


For purple add one

Show the children a video of the sea creatures suffering because of our doing. Do a little demo of packing a bag every time I go out. Bring a few hand bags that the girls will like and show them what to pack in a bag. You can add things like pad and tissue packet and note book and pen, and reusable stuff and reusable water bottle. All this is easy if we know the consequences of our choices.


Actor 2 – Nabi Nuh

The children get play with sand play and find the animals on land. They see Nabi Nuh build an ark. Take the man and the ark and lay it in the sand. Get the children to make the sound effects and add the animals inside the ark. Then add some people. Take some Mr. Whoopsies and place on the sand, not in the ark. Then take the ark and place inside the water. Connect to Surah Yasin and how the mr. whoopsies did not listen. Get the children to make sound effects of thunder and lightening and rain and wind. Talk about how the friendship with the guide placed them in the buoyant ship that saved them when the rest of the world was covered with water. In the same way, the friend-ship with the Ahlul bayt does the same thing. It saves us in this world and in the next. 

Children get to wear the head gear of choice and be the animal , make the sounds, etc n keep reinforcing that the safinatun najath  is like the ark of nuh


For Purple. Share the hadith of safinah and its similitude to Imam Husayn. What does this mean to us and why? How does my friendship with the ahlul bayt help me here and now today? What am I going to do to cultivate a precious friendship with them. What are the two way benefits. 


Engineering. – Actor 1

Children get to make a boat and let it set sail in a paddling pool. Talk about the buoyancy and the water displacement. Connect to friendship and how the friends we choose help us to sail or sink. Its what guidance we get from them. Which qualities are we looking for in a friend and which qualities are friends looking for so that we are buoyant friends as opposed to non buoyant friends. We don’t want to be people who take others down. Discuss the qualities of a friend who helps build a buoyant friendship and the qualities we want to have to build this buoyant friendship. Add these to the ship with masking tape. Allow the children to set their boats on sail.


For purple: Provide a variety of objects and they need to engineer their very own ship. The friendship with Allah is the greatest friendship ever and at this lovely time, when we embrace this friendship, we are soooo safe. All our friend wants from us is to be safe too. Why? What is out there that is unsafe so much so that he asks us to inside his friendship. Discuss. 


Science – Zohra

Have a variety of objects and children get to understand sinking and floating and why. For example when they throw in the capsicum it floats but if the capsicum did not have so much space on the inside – you can show them, it would also sink because it would have no buoyant force. 

Finally end with the orange experiment here and talk about taqwa. When we have tawqa, we are sure to float and that means we are role modeling Imam Husayn and hence we are on the safinatun najath. 


Children also re do the experiment that was done in the play. Talking about the spreading as opposed to being  ridged. They can try and make boats with play dough to see how they float. Connect to friendship of Imam Husayn and shafaat.


Purple Group

Bring this group out to enjoy the guessing game with all the fruits and veg and other objects and whether they will sink or float. Talk about buoyancy and taqwa here. Children can mould a boat out of play dough and try and get it to set sail. Connect to Safinatun Najath. 


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