Session 6

The science of Gratitude- session 6



Each day and each night, each month and each year is a gift 

Gift reaches purpose when used to its full potential

Just as sun and moon follow a calculated course designed by Allah, we too follow a calculated course in our day to day life. Our actions are  calculated and improved upon with self accounting. 

Counting makes us closer to Allah.


actor 1 – Sun

actor 2 and actor 6 – Sand dunes

actor 3 – Birds

actor 4 – Cat


All the children from MeandMawla lay fast asleep. There’s (names of children and pictures of them asleep)

actor 5 to have projector and images coming on from powerpoint. 


Far far away, the gift, the super fantastic gift was finding its way to all the children.  

actor 1 to be dressed as the sun with a long ray of light. Lots of noor. A sun with light everywhere.


The gift crept up from the distance. You could see it spread itself across the sand dunes in the desert.

actor 2 and actor 6 to be these moving sand dunes. actor 1 to come and use face paint yellow and add to actor 2 and actor 6 cheeks.


It gifted itself to the birds who flapped their wings playing games in the sky.

actor 3 to come with the birds on sticks and go from one side to the other. Also actor 3 to be dressed like a bird. and actor 1 to stop and add yellow face paint to actor 3 cheeks. 


It gifted itself to a cat that meawed joyfully out for a walk. 

actor 4 to come out as a cat. You can be on 2 legs but have cat features. actor 1 to come and add yellow to cat cheeks


The bright gift shone over the school children as they skipped into school to learn. There’s 

actor 1 to be there and add imaginery yellow to these children


It headed to the beach and found Mummy narrator writing a story for the children.

narrator to sit and pretend to be at the beach and write story on paper and pen and actor 1 to add yellow to cheek.


The rising sun gifted itself to passengers on an airplane headed to visit family and friends. 

actor 2 to come on stage holding an airplane and actor 1 to go and spread sunshine and draw yellow  on her cheek. actor 2 to make airplace sounds going from one side of stage to other. 


It crossed the city and shone on the Burj Khalifa, gifting itself so beautifully on Sheikh Zayed Road. (image)

actor 1 to go and be around the screen during screen time images


It waited patiently outside Scaler actor 6’s window to be let in. 

actor 6 to come with actor 2 and actor 4 holding pole with sheilas and then actor 6 to open curtains and actor 1 to enter and draw yellow on actor 6 cheek


The sun took off across the city. It woke flamingoes and falcons. 

actor 3 to come on as Flamingo and actor 6 and actor 4 too. actor 1 to go and draw yellow on cheek


It gifted itself to Miss Woggle who got to work with her thermometer and barometer to help guide people with weather. 

actor 2 to come and pretend to be reading the weather. As you look up, you see actor 1 the sun and actor 1 to draw yellow on cheek


High over Fujairah, it met the rain. Together the gift made a rainbow.

actor 1 and actor 2 wearing rain hat to do some moves on stage and be united and then actor 6 and actor 3 to bring on the rainbow


The bright sun leapt through villages and countries spreading its Vitamin D all over the earth. 

actor 1 to have a container with Vitamin D on it and throw yellow crepe paper everywhere


It chased the night gift, giving the day gift to one and all. 

Image on screen with night becoming day


All the children at meamawla used their gift very very wisely. 

Images and actor 1 to be moving around very flowy and yellow

There’s Zaki using his gift to do some thafakur. 

actor 5 powerpoint images


There’s Farmer Ali Abbas sowing seeds in the earth and in his heart with his day gift. 


There’s Jena watering her beautiful seeds with love and sparkle. 


There’s Hassan and Hassan learning. Allamal Quran with the popper. 


There’s Builder Haydar, Hawra and Liyana at work. They use their day to build jannah with their good works. 


There’s Hasan and Laila learning about Ar Rahman and how He pours down in millions and gazillions. What a great way to use your day. 


There’s Alia and her mummy and Hanna and her mummy and Danyal and his mummy giving lots of love to each other. What a great way to use your gift. 


There’s Zahra and Raazia playing together, great friends. What a beautiful way to use your gift, lovelies. 


Maryam and ali Hurr travel so happily on the siratal mustakeem. Now that the way to travel with your gift. 


Raadhiya builds her muscles while smiling to her Lord, her friends and family. What a great way to use your gift. 


Isa and Raadhiya makes sure they look after their gift by using their reusable water bottle. 


There’s the scientists after a great game of football at meandmawla. A beautiful way to use your gift. 


There’s Hashim with his gratitude attitude. Thank you Allah for my ….. Now that’s how you use your gift. 


Hanna and Zahra love to use their gift super well. They are  busy cooking up some love in a truffle thanking Ar Rahman all the while. 


There’s Fatema, Sarah, Maryam, Raazia and Miss Woggle busy using their gift to feel thankful for the many blessing Ar Rahman give us. 


There’s Amina with her friends using their gift of the day to skate together remembering Godly friction. 


There is the MeandMawla Family using their gift to come together and use their gift learning, living and speaking the Quran. 


Here they are, all thanking Ar Rahman for the millions and gazillion blessings.


Yes my dear family, everyday is a gift. As shamsu wal Qamaru be husban. The sun and the moon follow a calculated course. 

Image on screen of sun and moon following calculated course


The sun brings the day gift, day after day, no errors, no mistakes as it counts the time by Allah’s design. And just as the sun gifts us so beautifully, we use our gift of day to be a gift to others by spreading love, kindness, help and lots more. We strive to be rays of noor just like the sun. 

Image on the screen to match the above


Then the moon comes out at night, also no errors, no mistakes as it counts the suns days to add up to the months. The moon begins like a smile and then a round ball, then a smiley again. 

Image of moon phases – actor 5 these will be on click images


Each day, each month is a gift. No mistakes, no errors, lets use our gifts to keep doing the great things we do.

Obeying Allah and be a helpful star to others. 


TO help us check our day, we are also going to do what the sun and moon do. They count so cleverly. We are going to count too. HISAAB!

We ask ourselves,

  1. How did I use my gift of the day?
  2. What did I learn? Teach/ speak?
  3. Which ayat/s of the Quran was I today?
  4. What 3 + things am I thankful to Allah for? 
  5. Whats my plan for tomorrow?


Thank Allah for blessings, ask Allah for forgiveness and strength to do more beautiful things the next day and the next day.




Life Skills and Movement – actor 6

How the sun is a blessing. 

Have a bunch of props and children touch and feel them and then talk about how the sun helps these things. 

Clock – Sun helps us tell time

Musallo – Helps us know salat time

Farmer Hat – Farmer can grow things on farm because of sun

Owl – When sun facing other side of earth, owl knows its time to wake up.

Moon – Gets its light from the sun

Mawla Mahdi (atfs)- like the sun behind the clouds

Skeleton – Our bones need Vitamin D which we get from the sun

Lady puppet – We all get our warmth, light, energy from the sun

Butterfly – Butterfly gets its energy from the sun to flap its wings. 

Chef Hat – Chef can cook amazing dishes with food that grew from earth that needed sun to grow

Flower – Flower grows in earth with sunlight and gives beautiful fragrance

Coconut – Coconut grows from the earth with sunlight.


If we look at the things above, and see how we can also do this in our day.

Sun shines in day time, not night time, we can be disciplined like the sun.

The things above all get their energy from the sun, I also get my energy from my sun who is the Imam of my time, Imam Mahdi (atfs)

Chef cooks food that grow in earth, what spiritual foods am I cooking up today?

Flower gets fragrance. What fragrance are the angels smelling today in my day?

Moon – Am I reflecting the light from my Imam (atfs)


Use the adjectives to talk about how we can also do this in our day. 


Then have a laundry basket full of clothes.

Talk about the clothes the children are wearing.

Are they wet? Do we like to wear wet clothes. 

What helps dry our clothes. 

Then we teach the children pegging


Life Skills – Clothes Folder and Folding. – narrator 

Now that the clothes are dry, we want to fold them. 

We engineer a DIY Clothes folder.

Then folding skills and how to place our clothes in drawer or box. 

This is a life skill we want to share with the kids. 

Our clothes are blessing us with covering, we gift them a nice place to live, 


Purple can learn how to put clothes the Kon mari way. 

Talk about the sun in the clothes. 


Science – actor 5 and actor 4

A look at how Allah has so calculatedly designed day and night and the movement of the sun and the moon.

Children make the model of the sun, earth and moon.

Attach with paper fasteners.  

Purple group look at the speed of movement. Rotation and how the calculations add up to one day, one month. 

They can watch a video on this but lets also get them to work out the calculations and then share how each day, everyday no mistakes, calculations of these celestial bodies is correct. 

Purple can do a live science experiment in darkness to show this celestial movement with foam ball and dark room and light.


HISAAB! Self Accounting – actor 1


My rainbow colour count!

Children play a pass the parcel game with newspaper and when the rhymes from this term stop, they open and each pass the parcel brings to awareness a gift from the day. We ask them how they used that gift today. Complete with a thank you and the game goes on. As they play, share ayats that they embodied in the day with the gift.


  1. How did I use my gift of the day?
  2. What did I learn? Teach/ speak?
  3. Which ayat/s of the Quran was I today?
  4. What 3 + things am I thankful to Allah for? 
  5. Whats my plan for tomorrow?


Children take home jars with slips of card on which the above 5 are written. Each has a different colour pompom at the end and they pull out one of each colour to do the – Rainbow colour count.


Either we make a station to make these or we make and give as take home.

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