Session 6

Ammar Yassir



Actor 1 – Super Sparkly Spiraly Actor 1 and Arab and Summaya- Ammar mother

Actor 2 – Airhostess and Rasullulah

Actor 3 – EF and Robbed businessman and 

Actor 4 – Nautical Actor 4 and Ammar Yassir

Actor 5 – Ammar father – Yassir

Actor 3 – Abu Jahl



Airhostess hat – Actor 2 with 

Travel bags and accessories – 

Expo Space tickets for Actor 1, Actor 3 and Actor 4  with dotted line to cut 1 inch long ways – Actor 1

3 kiddy chairs –

Seat belt for Actor 2 to show – Actor 2

Image of bird – ipad – Actor 2

Image of plane – ipad – Actor 2

T shirt with Ammar on it – Actor 4

Lantern – Zohra

Brochures for safety on flight – 

3 pairs of scissors – 

2 Question mark on popsicle stick – 

Raadhiya doll as Ammar as a baby – 

Spot light – Rasullulah time – 

3 hessian bags – 

Jenga blocks idol –

Wings –

Poster – Hikma and Mawizatil Hasanati- Wisdom and Beatiful advice


I cant believe it! We are finally travelling to Iran for Expo Space! I cant wait said Super Sparkly Spiraly Actor 1 to her scientist friends as they boarded the flight. 


Actor 1 and Actor 3 and Actor 4 to have accessories to look like travellers. Actor 2 to help them to their seats


As they took their seats, Actor 1 reminded her friends to recite surah Ikhlas.

Together, Actor 1, Actor 3 and Actor 4 recite surah Ikhlas 



In the name of Allah, the most kind, the most merciful. Say, He Allah is one. He is upon whom we all depend. He doesn’t have children, a mummy or a daddy and there is no one like Him. 


Why do we recite Surah Ikhlas anyway? Asked Nautical Actor 4. 

Well think about it, Actor 4. We are going to be flying through the air and who do we want holding us up there? We want to be held by the strongest, the most powerful. We don’t want to fall. In Surah Ikhlas we say, Allahus Samad. He is upon whom we all depend. We definitely depend on Allah for everything as well as cruising through the air. 


Just then, the air hostess came along to share the safety guidelines for the flight. 

Actor 2 to do a short safety guidance on the flight demo. Give each of them a brochure for safety on board the flight


So how do we fly anyway. I know Allah is holding us up but whats the science behind flying? 


I love questions Actor 4, you have the mind of a scientist. Absolutely love this kind of thinking. All the children are meandmawla are like that too. They ask lots and lots of whys! 

Actor 1 to pretend to talk to Actor 4 here


Let me show you something. 

Grab your Expo Science ticket. I noticed it had a dotted line on it. Lets us do an experiment. Cut along this line. All done? 

Actor 3 Actor 1 and Actor 4 to whip out scissors from your pocket and cut along the line and show the children as you do it


Yes! Here’s mine. Ok, Now place your paper just under your lip like this. What do you think is going to happen when I blow some air from my mouth. The paper is below so nothing I guess. Lets have a go together 

 3 – 2 – 1 GO! 

Actor 1, Actor 4 and Actor 3 to stand and count down and blow together and  show the children how the paper flies. 


Wow! How did that happen? I thought It would not move because its lower than my mouth. This is the real wonder of flight. The air above the paper is moving faster than the air under the paper. These 2 different air pressures around the paper make it fly and this is exactly how air works around the wing of an airplane. In Science terms, it’s often known as Bernoullis principle. The air above the wing is moving faster than the air below the wing and this difference causes a plane to soar. For a plane to fly, most of the work is done by the wind and the wings. The curved design of the wing going through the air makes the air above it travel faster than below it. This difference in pressure creates lift. Birds fly using this principle too. And who put the air there Nautical Actor 4? Well, Allah of course! So all thanks to Allah, the maker of Air, the maker of Science, we can fly. Without air, nothing can fly. Allahus samad. He is upon whom we all depend. 


While I narrate the above lines, you guys can keep doing it so children can see. Stand and do it so everyone can see. 


Wow! I have flown to so many countries but I have never thought about thanking Allah for flight. It is his design in birds that man copied when making airplanes and it is the air that He made that helps birds airplanes and other things fly. Thank you Allah. 

Show 2 images of one soaring bird and one airplane


Friendship makes you soar and fly too, doesn’t it. Fast friendly air pressure lets you soar to greater and greater heights closer and closer to Allah. 

Actor 1 Actor 3 and Actor 4 to do a really cool simple flying routine here and sing together a 2 liner on flying and friendship (Actor 1 to make) 

Then go off stage and immediately Actor 5 and Actor 2 to come on as Ammar’s parents


I know of 2 friends of Rasullulah who were known as the wings of his cousin brother Imam Ali. They are Malik e Ashtar and Ammar Yasir. 


Tell us more.

Sure. I have read about Ammar Yassir so lets talk about him today. 


Ammar Yasir was born in the same year as Rasullulah, Amul Feel. 

Yasir, Ammar’s father worked for the Makhzum tribe in Mecca. He married Summaya and they had a child, Ammar. 

Actor 5 to come on as Yassir and Actor 1 to come on as Summaya with baby doll as Ammar. Walk from one side of stage to other and set yourselves in the centre. Then turn around and give the baby to Actor 1 and Actor 4 to come out as Ammar. Wear a shirt with Ammar on it. Printed on paper


As Ammar grew, he was very quiet spending a lot of time doing taffakur. Thinking. He asked his dad many many questions. 


Why are the people being mean to others dad?

Why are the people unfair to the others dad?

Women and men are humans and both deserve to live peacefully

Does it make sense to worship an idol god we make with our own hands?

And the wonderful questions went on and on and Daddy Yasir answered them, so kindly one after another. That’s what great parents do for their kids. 


Actor 5 and Actor 4 to be on stage sitting at some point, talking and Actor 4 raising popsicle stick with question mark on it often. Then go and stand on the other side of the stage and raise the question mark. Create movement on stage by movng and raising the question mark


As Ammar grew, he heard about a group of people who tried to make sure that everyone was treated fairly in the land. This group of people with Prophet Muhammed was called Hilful Fudhul. The league of justice. 

Ammar liked this so much. He thought it was very wise. One day he saw, how someone who was robbed of his things, through the Hilful Fudhul was returned his belongings. Very wise. He thought Prophet Muhammeds ways were very wise and friendly.


Actor 2 to come as Prophet Muhammed – spot light switch on and Actor 3 as the man who was robbed. Actor 4 on stage watching as Rasullulah sorts out the problem for Actor 3 who picks up 3 hessian sacks of her stuff and is very happy now.  Then Actor 2 to go and sit somewhere on the stage and Actor 4 to go to visit Rasullulah. Actor 1 to come and join this group talking to Rasullulah as an arab looking person.


One day, he heard, that this man, Muhammed would talk to people in the dark of night about a religion called Islam. He wanted to know more. Ammar secretly visited Prophet Muhammed and learnt more and more about this beautiful religion that taught people that we are all equal, sharing is caring, wishing peace for each other is the way and that there is no god but Allah.


Actor 1 and Actor 4 to go and sit with Actor 2 talking to Rasullulah.

After sitting and talking, get up and now the stage is Ammar;s house. 


One night, Actor 5 to hold the tray from the side of partition and idol on a tray made of wood  blocks and place on stage somewhere when Ammar returned home in the dark of the night, his accidentaly brushed against a small idol they had at home. Actor 4 to go close to the tray ane make it break on the tray

The idol fell and broke. His father rushed out and shouted, Ammar, you killed our god! Ammar you killed our God. 

Actor 5 to come out holding the tray angry with Actor 4

Ammar looked at his dad and said, Dad, does that really make sense. How can I kill God.


Mummy Summaya came out quickly telling her son, Ammar to respect his father and the idol god. Who has taught you to speak like this? Mummy Summaya asked. 

Actor 1 to come out and talk to Actor 4 


Prophet Muhammed, the prophet of God says. believe in no God but Allah. Help each other in goodness and taqwa. women have rights just like men. 


Actor 2 to be on the other side of the stage and act with hand gestures what Ammar is saying


Really said, Mummy Sumayya. Women have rights. Yes mummy, Ammar said. Women have rights too. 


I wish to believe in Islam said Mummy Summaya. That night, Mummy Sumayya and Daddy Yasir became muslims. 


Actor 5 and Actor 1 to say together the Kalima loudly yourselves

Laa ilaha ilal lah Muhammad ar Rasullulah

There is no God but Allah Prophet Muhammed is the messenger of Allah

Actor 4 and Actor 5 and Actor 1 to do a group hug. Actor 4 then go to Actor 2 and be with Rasullulah. Actor 1 go back stage and get ready to be Super Actor 1 again. Actor 5 go off stage now. 


Ammar and his family were put through some really hard times by the non muslims in mecca. They gave them big ouch but their love for Allah and their love for Islam was so strong. Their hakeem wise  friend Rasullulah, guided them to soar like an airplane towards Allah with sabr and shukr. 

Actor 4 to join her family on the stage and Actor 3 to come as Abu Jahl and look mean and push them. Actor 3 get off stage and become EF and be ready. 


Ammar lived a life of courage and remained with Rasullulah and his family till the last because he got wings to fly from this wise friendship with the ones most close to Allah.

Actor 4 to go and be close to Actor 2 here. 

Actor 5 to give Actor 4 wear wings and Actor 2 to wear the lanyard with hikmah wisdom and mawizatih hasana – Beautiful advice

Actor 5 give these props to them 


Uod uh illa sabili rabika bil hikmati wal mawizatil hasanati

Invite all to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful advice

Surah Nahl 16: 125


Ammar was a builder in the world and in the next world. When Rasullulah and the muslims moved from Mecca to Medina,  Ammar moved too. One of the first things, the Muslims did upon reaching Medina was to build a mosque. In the heat of Medina, while everyone took one block by one block, it was Ammar who was the only one who would take 2 blocks at a time and with such love and enthusisasm help build the mosque. He was drenched in sweat but perfumed so sweetly by this soaring friendship with Rasullulah and Islam. 


Actor 4 to carry on wearing the wings and pick up 2 shoe boxes painted like bricks. 

Actor 2 to build with Actor 4 and bring the mosque out. Actor 4 do little acting of building the mosque and then leave stage also and become Nautical Actor 4.


In the mean time, Actor 3 to go and change back to EF. 

Actor 1 change and come back as Sparkly spiraly Actor 1 

Actor 4 to come back as soon as you can as Nautical Actor 4


When I finish narrating this paragraph, Actor 2 off stage and Actor 3 and Actor 1 on stage as passengers. Actor 5 switch off light

Actor 4 change and come back asap


What a story EF!  Choosing a Friend who is wise and guides you with wisdom is a sure way to fly. 

Actor 3 and Actor 1 to come back and sit on flight. 


We will be landing soon. I think I’ve got time to show you one more of my really cool science experiments. Can I borrow one of your papers from the Expo Space ticket. What do you think will happen if I blow through both of our papers?

They will spread apart. 

Shall we have a try

Actor 1 to blow 

The papers come together

Remember, we said, the fast moving air has lower pressure and sucks things around it so you see. The 2 pieces of paper come together. 

Bringing others towards Allah with hikma – wisdom and mawizatil hasanati –beautiful advice 

A wise friendship will always do that too, right. Here you go, have a try.

Wow! Sparkly spiraly Actor 1. Thanks for the amazing experiment. 


Actor 2_ Flight Air 313 will soon be landing. Please take your seats and fasten your seat belts. Thank you.  


Actor 2 to come back as the airhostess and usher all to seats and seat belt





Airplane cookies. STATION 1 – Actor 1


Children get some dough and get to make their very own airplane cookies. 

The cookie dough is made up of several ingredients which come together in a wonderfully wise way to make the cookie dough. This fusing together is a friendship whose outcome will be something yummy. In the same way, we want to fuse together within ourselves great qualities of friendship to be a great friend to other and one of them is wisdom. To be wise, we seek wisdom and the best place to seek it is the place where the most wisdom is found and that is Quran and the Ahlul bayt.


Children get to make a couple of cookies. Lay on a labeled cookie sheet and then bake in the oven. 


Airplane cookies STATION 2 – Actor 5



Design a friendship wing. 


Children get to design a 1 inch piece of paper as used in the play and experiment with the blowing. They can use a bunch of fun colours, highlighters, felt pens and crayons to come up with some amazing designs and then place just below the lower lip and blow out and watch as this teaches the bernoullis principle. 

Make a comparison with friendship and how when you have a friend who is sending across this wave of friendly air pressure, we soar. A friendship that has no air pressure is dead and we don’t soar. A key ingredient is wisdom in the friendship so lets send waves of friendly wise air pressure with our friends. Connect to the ayat.

Key word is hakeem – wisdom and mawizatil hasanati – beautiful advice


Movement –  Actor 3


Parachute game with children holding the parachute and doing these amazing movement games with scenarios where we look at the two ingredients of wisdom and beautiful advice. Friends give each other such things. If we look at these two things, the friend does not gain from this giving. It is pure giving. 

Give children scenarios of how they receive such and give such and what would happen if we all are like this and give this in the world. 


While playing with the parachute, create the low pressure high pressure and see how the parachute flies in the air. We want to soar in our friendships this way. Talk about the joy we feel when we are playing. We want the same joy in our friendships and it comes from hikmah and mawizatul hasana. Beautiful advice. 


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