Session 7

 Abu Dhar al Ghifari 



Actor 1 – Nautical Actor 1 / idol worshipper

Actor 2 – Holy Prophet/ Kalipha

Actor 3 – Dad/ Fox/ Imam Ali

Actor 4 – Mum/ idopl worshipper

Actor 5 – Abu Dhar

Actor 6 – idol worshipper

Actor 2 and Actor 3 to come as an idol worshipper briefly 



Easel with food pyraid – Nabeeha to draw on the Tuesday colourful

The candy that Actor 1 buys from shop – jelly and marshmallows- Zohra

Tray with all supplies that Actor 3/ Actor 1 need for the experiment – Zohra

Pencil  for Actor 3 

Idol – 

Farmer hat –

Straw – 

Spot light – 

Lantern for Rasullulah – 

Fox costume and head gear 

Sports water bottle

Bag of coins –


Grapes – 


Ahlul bayt in safinah 



Station Props

Chart paper poster with a huge triangle and a circle with the markings for a food pyramid and a balanced plate. Only the names like carbohydrate/ protein etc. Then children get to make the pyramid first, then choose a variety of things to make a balanced plate. 

We can give them paper plates with the markings done and then build a great dinner plate.

Will have the real fruits and veg and some plastic ones for kids to add

Mini quran siparahs for  Actor 4 station 

Bayat hands for ahlul bayt 


It was nearly the weekend and mum and dad promised Nautical Actor 1 a trip to the Candy store.

Actor 4 and Actor 3 and Actor 1 on stage talking about visiting the candy store


Candy store, here I come! Yippppeeeeee shouted Nautical Actor 1! 

Actor 1 jumping up for joy and say the above lines yourself


Hugging her mummy.  I cant wait. Candy is my most favourite of all. I do make sure I eat my colourful veggies which I love too all through the week. I strike a good balance with what I eat. A trip to the candy store comes once in a while and when it does come, boy o boy I am excited! Aren’t you! 

Actor 1 to hug Actor 4 and then point to the easel that has a food pyramid on it and point to all the sections to drive the audience’s eyes. 




2 liner rhyme on candy but how we balance it out

Actor 1 to say these lines yourself as well as the 2 liner rhyme on candy 


At the candy store, Nautical Actor 1 picked out some of her favorite sweet treats. She got some yummy marshmallows, some jellies and a delicious lolly pop. 

A table on the side of the stage and Actor 1 picks out the candy and show to audience as I narrate the above lines


Oh Yummy, I cant wait to enjoy and share my sweet treats! What a great start to the weekend. 

Actor 1 jump for joy again here centre stage. Actor 4 to leave the stage 


Well since you have been making strides with making sure you’re eating a balanced diet, let me show a really cool balance sculpture you can make with your candies, NauticalActor 1 said Dad.


Wow! That sounds amazing Dad! 

Actor 3 and Actor 1 on stage now and make the balance sculpture step by step as below. Use the brown table with a bunch of boxes on top to give height so all children can see


Lets gather the supplies we need from the kitchen. 

Actor 3 and Actor 1 to gather the supplies and now centre stage with the table set up with boxes on top for height


We need a small piece of carrot, some toothpicks, cocktail sticks and your candies. Lets add some balloons for fun. 


Ok, let me cut the carrot so we have a small piece like that. If I poke a piece of toothpick on one end of the carrot and try and balance it on the water bottle, what do you think, will it balance. 


With the toothpick side down – no way. 

Lets try. 


Put the carrot and toothpick on the water bottle couple of times and let it fall. 

Actor 3 to cut the carrot and allow Actor 1 to try and balance the toothpick with carrot only and it keeps falling

Ok! So it does not balance. How about if we add a couple of cocktail sticks with the jellies on either side. 

Actor 3 and Actor 1 to work together and make the basic balance 


Ah ha. And there you have it, a jelly balancing act! The balance of an object has everything to do with the distribution of its mass. When you have a pencil, and you try and balance it on your finger, it balances roughly in the middle. Actor 3 to whip out a pencil and demonstrate this

This point is called the centre of mass or centre of gravity. The secret to the balance sculpture is to understand the point at which it is being balanced on the object. 

Actor 3 and Actor 1 to keep adding to the balance sculpture here

We can add some more, maybe some marshmallows here. As we do, we adjust the postitions to make it here. 


Lets add a couple of balloons too. Vwalaah! A beautiful candy balance. And you can give it a little nudge and it should be able to spin too. 

2 liner from the rhyme here on balance while the sculpture is spinning


Wow! Dad that’s so cool! My friends at MeandMawla are gonna love making one of these. 

Actor 3 and Actor 1 on stage and then Actor 4 come on stage

Just them mum came in.

Dad’s at it again. He loves making these balance sculptures. He can make one with fruits and veg too. 


Talking about balance reminds me of a really wonderful friend of Rasullulah who could not stand it when things were not in balance. When people were unfair or unbalanced. His motto in life was Never be quiet when unfairness / no balance is infront of you. 

Actor 4 to pretend to narrate the above lines and then just as you metion Abu dhar – Actor 5 comes on as Abu Dhar and Actor 4 quickly exit stage. 


His name is Abu Dhar al Ghifari. His people lived between Mecca and Medina. His people were all idol worshippers. 

Actor 6 to quickly peg the idol on the partition and start idol worshipping. Actor 2 and Actor 3 to come and idol worship as well. 

They especially worshipped the idol, Manat.  


Hi Ho haa – idol worship rhyme


Abu Dhar however, did not follow the idol worshipping way. He became a farmer and stayed away from idol worship.

Actor 5 to put on farmer hat and eat at a straw and pretend to plough the land 


He found it so silly to worship idols, but on one occasion he had to join his people and travel to Mecca. 

Actor 3, Actor 4, Actor 1 , Actor 6 to all come as idol worshippers and join Actor 5 and travel together. Come holding the camel heads on sticks. 


There had been a drought in the land. No crops were growing, there was no food. His people were all travelling to Mecca to ask Manat, the idol for rain. Travel and show feeling hot and hungry

When they got to Mecca, the people all prayed to Manat for rain

Everyone to worship the idols and beg for rain except Actor 5


Hi ho ha – give me rain – change the give me to rain


Abu Dhar refused to lower his head before anything that could not benefit or harm him. His people found him awkward and different. 

Actor 4 and Actor 3 and Actor 1 to pretend to talk about Abu Dhar 

Actor 5 to show I don’t care attitude

But he did not care. He was not going to do something that did not make sense just because of what other people thought of him. 

Everyone to leave stage  except Actor 5

Some years later, Abu Dhar heard about Rasullulah and the message of Islam. This made a lot of sense to Abu Dhar. He wanted to meet Rasullulah, so Abu Dhar travelled back to Mecca to try and meet him. 

Actor 5 get hisan horse on stick and pretend to ride acorss the stage area back and forth making galloping sounds yourself


In those days, Rasullulah had just began to spread the message of Islam in secret as guided by Allah. Abu Dhar had to find a way to meet Rasullulah without the idol worshippers of Mecca finding out. Imam Ali (as) helped Abu Dhar meet Rasullulah. 

Actor 3 to come as Imam Ali and talk Actor 5 to Rasullulah – Actor 2 on the other side of the stage. Bring the lantern with you. Actor 6 spot light on when Actor 2 on stage and Actor 2 to sit. 


Rasullulah greeted and welcomed Abu Dhar with beautiful hospitality. 

When Abu Dhar saw the face of Rasullulah, he just knew this was the right path. He knew he had come to a man guided by Allah. His heart could not stop beating out of love for Rasullulah. 

When Actor 5 and Actor 3 come, Actor 2 to stand and welcome Actor 5 warmly and to join u sitting. Actor 5 lots of facial expression here. Hand gestures of heart finally seeing light. Put on the sparkly heart lanyard.


Rasullulah spoke about the oneness of Allah. Abu Dhar felt like he had finally found the truth. Abu Dhar explained that he never bowed down to Manat, the idol god that his people worshipped. 


Actor 2 to hand gesture one God. Actor 5 hand gestures – no idol worship


Rasullulah went on to explain the next world and the Day of Judgement. This made so much sense to Abu Dhar. What we do here, we will reap the reward for in the next world. 


Abu Dhar was so excited and moved to have finally found the truth. 

Rasulllulah asked Abu Dhar to keep his new found faith a secret but his excitement was sooo much. When Abu Dhar left, he found himself ontop of the Kaaba saying

Actor 2 hand gestures about keeping secret. Then Actor 5 get up, hug Rasullulah and leave


Oh people, I am a follower of the Holy Prophet Muhammed and I say, there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammed is the messenger. 

Actor 6 to put the kaaba on the table. Actor 5 to go and stand behind the table and say yourself the above lines


The idol worshippers heard this and got really mad. They gave ouch to Abu Dhar but he did not care. He was so happy to have found the truth. Somehow, Abu Dhar ended up back at Rasullulah house. 

Actor 3, Actor 1 and Actor 4 Actor 6 to come and hear Actor 5 say. Actor 5 if you want you can say again – very emotional type of person. 

Actor 3, Actor 1 and Actor 4 to grab hold of Actor 5 and rough her up slightly and toss from one side to the other. Quickly put some dabs of face paint or lipstick on her cheek to look like shes been roughed up. 


What happened to you? He looked so injured and roughed up. 

I just told a few people about my new found belief in Islam. 

Actor 5 to go back to wear Actor 2 seated. Actor 2 to stand up and using inquiring hand gestures 


Rasullulah realized Abu Dhar had a gift. A gift to share and spread the word. Rasulllah asked Abu Dhar to go back and share the message of Islam with his people. 

Actor 5 and Actor 2 pretend to talk and then Actor 2 to leave. Actor 6 light goes off here. Actor 2 get ready to be Kalifa now


So Abu Dhar returned to his people. He got permission to speak to them. The people gathered together and Abu Dhar began his speech. He said, the reason why he had come was to tell them that he had become a muslim and all because of a fox and its peee. 

Actor 1 and Actor 4 to come back as Abu Dhar people and sit below him to listen on one side. 

What?????? Said the crowd. 

Nabeeha to say from the back loudly. What???????? I will look at you and we say together 

Yes, you heard me, a fox and its peee. 

Abu Dhar went on to explain


Actor 5 to talk to the people from one side. Actor 3 to come wearing the fox mask and orange colour clothes and a tail. Hold your sports water bottle. 

Actor 5 to give milk on a plate to the idol. Actor 3 to come and drink the milk from the plate  and then spray the idol with the water from the water bottle. Camouflage the bottle with your clothes


One day when I was a young boy, I travelled with a caravan to Mecca.  Everyone gave food and drink to the idols. I was asked to place a plate of milk for Manat, the idol. I did so. People carried on worshipping the idols while I watched from the side. Finally when people began to leave, I chose to stay. I watched from behind a rock. I watched the idol and the milk. The idol and the milk.  A while later a fox came along and drank up all the milk. Then to my disgust, it peed all over Manat, the idol. 


Actor 3 – drink the milk and then water bottle spray the idol 


Eeeeuuuuuuu! Thought Abu Dhar. If the idol could not protect itself from the fox and its pee then how could it protect me!!!!!


Abu Dhar’s people were struck with the truth from his story. They began to do taffakur. They began to reflect and realized that idol worship is really a silly thing. 

Actor 1 and Actor 4 to stand up and face audience and think 

and then say together. Laailaha ilalah muhammed ar Rasullulah There is no God but Allah and Prophet Muahmmed is the messenger


Many of Abu Dhar’s people became muslims. Abu Dhar continued to spread the word of Islam as directed by Rasullulah. He brought many people to the fold of Islam. He always stood up against injustice and unfair treatment for anyone. He never kept quiet when it came to being fair. 


When he saw The Bully Kalifa misuse the money for the poor, he spoke up. This made the Kalifa very cross. He sent Abu Dhar to Damascus.

Actor 2 to come as Kalifa and have bag of coins and very luxurious clothes and a big belly lol and grapes hanging from finger and a huge goblet. Then Actor 5 to pretend to talk to him and Actor 2 to get very angry.


In Damascus, Abu Dhar saw so many poor people and Bully Muawiya living in such luxury. He spoke out against him too. Abu Dhar could not see injustice and unfair ness with the people. He loved balance. 


Balance is best, I feel great

My body, mind, heart and soul to be strong for Mawla is my goal.


But whatever he did, was for Allah’s pleasure. Abu Dhar has a very special place in the hearts of the Ahlu bayt. The ahlul bayt are also the very special people in this world who were not treated fairly. 

Actor 5 to pick up the Safinah image with ahlul bayt stuck on it and let crowd look at it


Lets learn a good lesson from Abu Dhar and make sure that as friends, we stand for fairness and justice. Lets stand up against no balance in the ways of the world. Everything needs balance just like your balanced diet. 

Actor 1 to come back as Nauitcal Actor 1 and Actor 4 as mum and bring with you the easel with balanced diet on it


Thanks mum. What an interesting story. No balance in life, in friendship is terrible. Everything falls then. When we have balance, everything is spinning and happy like dads balance sculpture. 

Actor 3 to come with the balance sculpture and let it spin on the bottle


Yes, that right, balance is best. Justice is right and best. We are friends who want fairness and balance and we look for that in the friends we choose. 


Allah says in the Holy Quran : 

Yaa ayuhalazina amanu kunu qawamina bil qist


O you who believe, stand out firmly for justice

4: 135




Engineering and Science 2 Stations separately for this one. 


Build your very own balance sculpture with water bottle, piece of carrot, toothpicks, cocktail sticks and marshmallows and jellies. 


Children get to understand firstly how the 2 sticks allow the carrot to be balanced. Connect this to balance in friendship and how we always stand for justice and truth. This creates the beautiful balance. Without this balance, the carrot cannot stand on the bottle. Without this stand, we are not really standing then just like the carrot and stick. Ask questions like why is it important to be just? Is Allah just? Is it ok to favour one over another? Add more candies to the balance sculpture and discuss and talk about how we always stand on being fair and just. In school, if we are doing spellings, even if we get them all wrong, is it fair for the teacher to give them all right? In the same way, when situations come along, we stand for the truth, for balance and fair no matter what. Allah is Al Adl – The just and we strive to be like Him. Takaluku be akhlaqilah. Adopt the etiquette of Allah. We take on a balanced and fair way of looking at things too. 


Purple Group also make their very own balance sculptures. Talk about justice and how important it is. Why is justice important in a friendship. Strikng the right balance, being fair. Is this a value or quality we want in ourselves and look for in friends? Why? 

Talk about Gods Justice here and connect to buloogh. Is it fair to wear hijab/ wake up early in the morning for fajr? How is it fair? Why is it fair? 


Science and Spirituality Actor 4 

A balanced diet. 


On the chart paper, place all the groceries in the correct place to show the children how to create this balance in life. Then show the children what each of these things does for the body. When we eat this balance, we are being fair to our bodies and they can do wonderful things at the highest level. When we are not balanced in our choices, say for example over eat the sweets, the body says, ouch too much sweets – teeth go bad, blood is unhappy, etc. If we eat too much meat  and no balance of other things like fruits and veg, our bodies say, ouch – too much meat. 

So we want to strike a beautiful balance just like Abu Dhar stood for. He wanted balance for the world and we do too. Inside our body and outside. Let children make the balanced plates with the groceries.


Then bring the golden heart and talk about how we want to feed our body so it has energy but there is another part of our body that also needs energy and that is the Golden heart. The Golden heart gets its energy from Quran and Ahlul bayt. What do I do daily to feed my golden heart. The golden heart also needs a balanced diet. 

Bring out another triangle that has Salaat, Quran, Dua, Taffakur, Acts of worship, belief and action- ahsanu amala. 

On the flip side of the paper plate is a beautiful golden glitter heart. Children can add the Quran and Ahlul bayt there and see this balance.

Bayat hands and Quran to see and make this balance themselves. 

While doing this, you can talk about ayats we have done, connections to Specialist. Will bring out all the Golden heart posters for your station here for talking point. 


Striking this balance in life is the best balance we can ever strive for. 


Children do not take this with them. Reused with next group.


Purple Group.

Talk about the balanced diet and how important it is to strike the balance in foods for the bodies as well as food for the soul. Does buloogh help us strike this balance? Is it a blessing to then have the wajibats to do that help feed our golden hearts what they need and stike this wonderful balance. What would happen if we only fed our bodies? What would happen to the starving soul? Am I being fair to myself by feeding my body and not my soul? What steps can I take to strike that balance.


Movement – Actor 5


Children get to use the balance beam and do an array of balance exercises. Hopping. Yoga tree pose etc. All things related to balance. 

All the while talking about friendship and how that needs fairness and balance. A ship or a boat also needs to have the weight distributed evenly. Everything needs to be even distributed.  In the same way, friendship needs balance and even distribution. Everytime they hop, show them how the body finally cant take it anymore and you have to put your foot down. Then everything becomes even distributed. In the same way, the world needs even distribution. Not imbalance in everything. 


Purple Group get to do some balance activities on the wii. 

Talk about the balance in our lives in how we spend our time. Share the hadith of the Holy Prophet of divide your time with family, with social, with personal. Having a phone has the ability to make us forget that we are around family and friends. What tools or skills can we use to ensure that we are not phoobing anyone with our devices. 

Look at what is happening in the world today where oure relationships are not balanced because we choose to ignore cultivating and nurturing this relationship. The relationship with Allah is also being ignored because of our devices. Why is the balance important? What can we do to make sure we are striking this balance. 


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