Session 8 (Sports Day)

The Science of Friendship Sports Day


Scientists – All dressed as the scientist that you are.



Ice Box

Lots of ice

Sparkly Footprints 


Beach balls 

Laundry basket 

Landry Basket

Laundry Basket 

Flag Poles and Flags 

Balance Beam 

Balance Pole 





Ice Lollies 

Ice Lolly give aways 

Pink cushions 

Ale Mahdi Game 

Basket of balls 

Basket of Paper planes 

Colourful paper for children who want to make air plane 



Scientists come out and do the science start and count on me rhyme


Narrator: Ok Scientists and friends, Today is Super Sadiq Sports Day. 


Lets have a cheer.


Actor 1 with all scientists to do this movement catchy cheer. 


Today,we are going to begin with the Friendly Freeze. 

Show water and show ice 

One is a liquid and one is a solid but both are the same. They are both water. 


Water takes time in a cool place to become ice and freeze. In friendship, we also do the friendly freeze. We take the time to think about what we are going to say and what we are going to do with our friends to be sure we don’t hurt them with our words and actions. When we do the friendly freeze, we are caring and cooling the friendship so beautifully. 

Today, we all gonna eat ice lollies and take home a really amazing ice lolly maker which we can make lollies and think about the friendly freeze. If possible do the science experiment. Reveal the ayat. 


Game 1

Our first race is the Super Sparkly Athar Race


Scientists are you ready?


All scientists to wear the feet and do the race. Running from one side of the garden to the other and we do then Actor 5 and Actor 2 fall and all other scientists help and hold hands and run together to the end. When you get to the end you start reciting, Allah lifts me us to the noor rhyme.


Then we get the red and blue group to do the athar race.


Then the yellow group do the athar race. 

Scientists on hand to assist if needed.


Then the green group do the athar race

Scientists on hand to assist if needed.


Then mums do the athar race

Scientists on hand to assist if needed.


Now scientists go with their designated group to all stations with them. When you finish, return the things to their bag and move on. Rotation needs to be as much in sync for smooth flow. 


Yellow – Actor 2 and Actor 3

Green – Narrator and Actor 1

Blue- Actor 4

Red- Actor 5 

Purple – Actor 6


Then children get divided into colour groups. Red and Blue together if less children

Yellow and Green separate. 


Scientists then take the children through all the games.

Please make sure you know all the games as you will travel with your group through out. 



Friction Ball Dash. 

Children grouped into pairs and with ball on their back, need to go from A to B. Have 4 balls and children can be either 2 pairs or 4 pairs depending on numbers. 

Recite friction rhyme here. 


Game 3

Bouyancy Boat

Laundry basket with one child inside and 4 of the others holding the basket as a boat and take it from A to B.

2 laundry baskets and divide children

Sing chorus of rhyme and use key words while explaining what children need to do. Please be mindful of the laundry basket. Children can hold from down also. Just a little higher than ground. Connect to count on me rhyme. 


Game 4

Balance Obstacle Course

Balance Beam and through tunnels on step and over step, crawl under the table and then through the rungs of the ladder and out. Sing chorus of rhyme here. Balance bean bag on head.


Game 5

Friendly Freeze game


Children run around to science of friendship rhymes and then scientist stops the rhyme and says freeze. Children rush to the pink cushions and sit down. when they hear the word freeze, they become statues. Talk about how important it is to stop and freeze in friendship to taffakur and think about what to say, what to do, etc. Ask a question here, really quickly about thinking – is it good?, is it pure?  is it Rasullulah Approved?

The friendly freeze is so important to make friendship flourish. In friendship with Allah, we freeze in our day and think about Allah, thank Him, talk to Him. See how salaat asks us to take the friendly freeze from work or school time so we can engage in beautiful conversation, beautiful freeze with Allah.  


In friendship with friends, if we say without thinking, we can hurt our friends. So we practice the friendly freeze. Children get to put hands in a bucket with ice water for as long as they can and then when they cant stand it to remove hands and try and catch a ball. Hand needs time to thaw. Friendship needs that time to think and then talk. Connect to ayat. 


Game 6

Either children make or there is a basket of balls and a basket of pre made paper planes and children play the Ale Mahdi Game. Connect to flying with fast air pressure above and low pressure below. 


Children go home with the Mr. Freeze ice lollies and they go home with their very own personal ice lolly maker. 

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