Session 9 (Milad)

The science of Friendship Rasullulah Milad


Dua before beginning anything

Birthday of Rasullulah and milad on 1st December

Meandmawla shop dip. Choose any one thing, gift from Rasullulah to you. 


Science Beginning

You can count on me



EF- Actor 1/ Bilal/ Abu Dhar/ The ansar welcome/ 

Actor 2 – Child playing in bazar/ Business man giving wealth to Rasulullah to keep/ Bibi Khadijah/ 

Actor 3 – Scaler Actor 3/ Salman/ Garbage throw lady/ Business man giving wealth to Rasullulah to keep/ child playing in bazar

Actor 4 – Nautical Actor 4/ poorman/ muslim/ companion of HP



Paper Clips

Large magnet


Coffee table

Green deen bag

Hats with peg/pipecleaner/magnet

Easel with hangman ready 

White board pen

Smiling popsicle stick

Hessian bags 2

Monotheist poster

Garbage and garbage bin


Scientists – Actor 2/ Actor 4/ Actor 3 sitting in the coffee shop chatting with reusables. Sit in a way that the children can see the small brown coffee table

Ef comes in.


Salaam Alaykum everyone, how are you all


Ef gives hugs and Hi 5s to scientists. 

She opens green deen bag and pours a box of paper clips on the table. 


Watch my dear scientist friends.


Ef then goes on to show how she can lift loads of paper clips. 

Ensuring not to reveal that it’s the hidden magnet in her hand that is doing the lifting. Have one hand over the other and cover the huge magnet. 


Amazing isn’t it. 


How are you doing that EF?


Have you been learning magic?


Well, its science of course. It’s the science of magnets. 


Look! I have a huge magnet hidden in my hand. 


Magnets attract certain metals. The magnet has an invisible force that pulls the metals to itself. This force is called magnetism. 


Here, put on these really cool hats that I made for you guys. 

EF to give the scientists the hats to wear with the magnet and the peg and pipe cleaner attached to it. 


How many paper clips can you fish with your magnetic heads?


You got 10 seconds. 


Actor 1 to Get the children to count down. 

All scientists to try and get paper clips with their head moves. 


Each scientist shouts out how many paper clips they got!

They all hug and say well done to each other.

Well done! Said Ef to her scientist friends. 


Speaking of magnetism reminds me of someone amazing who works just like a magnet. Lets play a hang man to guess who it is my dear MeandMawla Friends


Actor 1 to Bring the Easel board to centre stage with the hangman already drawn and ready for the game. 

Children guess the word

In the mean time, everyone back stage getting ready to be the actors in the play. Only Ef is on stage at this point engaging with the children. 

After guessing, Zohra start narrating and Actor 1 to go back stage with the easel and Actor 5 to come out as RAsullulah. Switch on the spot  light


Rasullulah lived in Mecca. The people of Mecca loved Rasullulah for he was like a magnet. He attracted children and adults to him because of his amazing akhlaq and beautiful ways. 


You would find him greet the children playing in the bazaars. 

Actor 5 comes on as Rasullulah.

Actor 2 and Actor 3 come out as children playing and Actor 5 comes and wishes you guys. Actor 2 and Actor 3 pls accessorize with a children look, hairband or boys cap or something- exaggerated hair band,

Salaamun Salaam un salaamun salaamun alaykum! 

Salaamun Salaamun salaamun alaykum dear young ones!

Zohra to recite


You would find Rasullulah smiling at one and all. 

Smiling Smiling, smiling smile!

Cheerful cheerful! cheerful cheer! 

Zohra to recite


Actor 5 to take the smiling face popsickle stick and put on face and go to one side of the stage and then the other. 


You would find him giving lots and lots in charity.

Giving giving giving give

Helping helping helping help

Sharing sharing sharing share

Loving loving loving love

Zohra to recite

Actor 4 to come dressed as a poor person and Actor 5 to give a bag full of stuff to Actor 4.


You would find him giving lots of mawizatul hasana and hikma to the people. 

Mawizatul Hasana Hikma Hikama

Mawizatul Hasana Hikma Hikma

Actor 5 to make hand gestures and I will speak for you few lines here. 


Rasullulah was famously known as Sadiq and Amin. The truthful and Trustworthy one. You would find people leaving their money and wealth with Rasullalah because he never took it, used it, spoilt it or anything like that. He returned things in the same way, they were given to him. 

Actor 2 and Actor 3 to come and give hessian bags to Rasullulah then go behind partition and come out again and Actor 5 to return them and then you both look inside and you see everything is there and give a thumbs up. 


Who do you want to be like- Sadiq and Amin rhyme short here


When he turned 40 years old, Allah asked him to begin teaching the people the message of Islam but in secret. Allah asked him to teach his close family and friends Islam in secret. They were so magnetically attracted to Rasullulah and listened to his words and guidance. 

Actor 2 to come as Bibi Khadijah holding monotheist poster 

Bibi Khadijah, his wife is the first muslimah. She entered Islam so magnetically attracted by Rasullulah and his true message.

Actor 2 to Say Kalima here

Laa ilaha illal lah

Muhamad Ar Rasullulah

There is no God but Allah

Prophet Muhammed is the messenger of Allah


When Bilal heard about Rasullulah and Islam, he was magnetically attracted. All people are equal. He stood all odds but because he entered the magnetic field of Rasullulah and Islam, nothing could make him repel the truth. 

Recite short rhyme of that part of Bilal

Actor 1 to come as Bilal and hold sign of monotheist


Salman Al Muhammadi was another beautiful friend of Rasullulah who was magnetically attracted to Rasullulah and his message. He travelled all the way from Persia, practicing one religion after another. Upon arriving at the doors or Rasullulah and his magnetic field of truth and guidance, Salman found himself and his belief.

Recite short rhyme of Salman. 

Actor 3 to come as Salman and hold sign of monotheist


Ab Dhar al Ghiffari never worshipped an Idol. U remember how he told his people, the story of the fox who peeed on the manat, the idol. How can we worship something that cant even look after itself, let alone us. Upon hearing about Rasullulah from afar, he too was magnetically attracted and entered the fold of Islam, teaching it to his people and bringing them to this beautiful place of truth. 

Recite Abu Dhar rhyme here. 

Actor 1 to come as Abu Dhar Al Ghifari and hold monotheist poster. 


A few years later, Allah asked him to preach Islam to all the people. Most people at that time all worshipped idols. Rasullulah brought the light of Islam to their lives. Many people initially repelled the magnetic force of Rasullulah but many were magnetically attracted to it and the number of Muslims grew and grew. 

All mualims – Actor 4/ Actor 1/ Actor 2 on stage and accepting message and altogether holding monotheist poster

Actor 3 to be ready as lady.


There was a lady who lived close by to Rasullulah. She was one of those who repelled Rasullulah magnetic message. Every morning when he passed by her house to visit the mosque, she would throw garbage on him. He never ever got mad. He would return home, clean up and go to the mosque. 

Actor 3 to stand above the partition and throw garbage on Actor 5. Actor 5 to walk towards the mosque.

Actor 5 to back step dust off and go towards mosque. 

Day after day the lady did the same thing. He never ever got cross and mad, he just cleaned up and went back to the mosque. One day, however, she didn’t throw any garbage. When Rasullulah got to the mosque, he inquired about the lady and someone mentioned that she was unwell. 

Actor 3 to throw garbage twice on Actor 5. Then Actor 3 to come on stage and sit on a chair looking unwell. Band on your head from headache. Actor 5 to come and Actor 3 to look frightened and Actor 5 to hand gesture and give Actor 3 a gift bag. Then Actor 3 stands up in shock out of his kindness


Later that day, Rasullulah visited the lady. When the lady saw Rasullulah at the door, she was afraid, he was going to be super mad at her. Rasullulah inquired about her health and asked her if he could do anything for her. The lady was shocked. She could not believe his care and kindness. She could not believe that Rasullulah was not at all angry with her. She apologized for her actions and also got magnetically attracted to Rasullulah and became a muslim. 

Actor 3 to say

Laa ilaha illalah. Muhammed ar Rasullulah.

There is no God but Allah, Prophet Muahmmed is the messenger of Allah. 


When things got tough in Mecca with the repellers of the magnet, Allah advised Rasullulah to journey, to hijrah to medina. 

Actor 5 on stage, with all other mualims except Actor 1 to , pretend to travel back and forth on stage. Help Actor 5 to see, as she cant 

Rasullulah left with his family and friends and they travelled to Medina. 


Actor 1 to come as one of the ansars and welcome and everyone to hug and meet Rasullulah

Upon arriving in Medina, Rasullulah’s magnetic force brought so many of the people of Medina to come and welcome him to their city. 


The city welcomed Rasullulah with so much love and devotion in their hearts. They were attracted to him like a magnet.


All mualims now on stage with Actor 5 in the centre and recite this rhyme

Tala al badru alayna min sani atil wada. 


All mualims to raise hands and Actor 5 also raise hands here in dua

May we always be inside the magnetic field of Rasullulah and his beautiful true and Godly message. 


All mualims to clap and recite happy birthday. Actor 5 to stand there. Actor 1 to burst one of the party poppers on audience here

Today, we celebrate his birthday. Lets all join in and recite for our amazing magnetic guide, Prophet Muahmmed. 


Happy birthday to you….


Lets pop outside and enjoy some fun on Rasullulah’s birthday. 




Actor 2


Magnet hat game


Children get to wear the caps with the pipe cleaner and magnet stuck and they need to try and catch as many paper clips as possible. Talk about the magnetic attraction of Rasullulah and what is it that attracts us to him? These qualities are the ones we want other sot find in us, so we can be magnets too. 


Possibly add these qualities on the paper clips and now children need to fish them out together and read them. 

Talk about how magnets have a magnetic field which is what makes this attraction happen. The magnetic field of kindness and good akhlaq attracts many to the fold of Islam. Rasullulah’s beautiful akhlaq , honesty, trustworthy nature, truth, cheerfulness, magnetizes us all. 


What are we attracted to? Why?

What characteristics do we possess that makes us attract others to us ?


Actor 3


Life is a wonderful maze, taking us on a roller coaster ride, up and down and we finally end up in the aakhirah. Paint a maze for yourself adding sparkles for your jannah. The path that you paint is Rasullulah always wanting to guide you and keep you on the right way. 

Younger children can paint a simple path. 

After conducting this station can children now move on to the next station where you use a magnet to drive your car on the path and get to the sparkly place. 


Actor 5


Bring your maze you painted and drive your chosen car through the maze to the jannah by sinmnply maneuvering the magnet underneath drive the car on the path. 


Actor 1

Hip Hip Hooray, Rasullulah way. 


Children get to enjoy a fun jump in the trampoline. Do tricks and have lots of fun. When we bounce on the trampoline, we are bouncing on something that takes us higher. Bouncing into RAsullulah’s magnetic field takes us higher and higher closer and closer to Allah. 


Actor 4

Cup cake decorating station and eat


Children get to decorate their own cup cakes and then eat them. Provide children with cup cakes and lots of lovely bags of icing and sprinkles. Children can add these to the ready cakes and decorate and eat at the station.


All groups even purple will be down stairs outside for this week. 


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