Quran Is My Guide


Islam is our way of life, Allah’s our Lord and the Qur’an His word,
Look at His creation, things like the Sun, the moon, the flying bird..
The Qur’an is our guide, the word of Allah alone,
It guides us to the straight path with its light shone..

The good, the bad, it tells us all,
Allah is the One who instructed every call..
With love He speaks to us; so guided we be,
With kindness and patience He has treated you and me..

Stories upon stories it is filled with throughout,
Many morals and Secrets! it stores for us to point out..
The Qur’an is forever a miracle that will last,
Never will it be.. just a thing of the past..

How exciting, adventurous and educational it is,
Forever I’d love to recite this!
It is my support when I’m happy or sad,
When I flip it to a page, Allah talks to me and makes me feel glad..

He talks to me every time I read a line,
Feels like He is close to me..He is only mine..
My favourite book is the Qur’an for so many reasons,
Allah speaks to me throughout every season…

The Ahlulbayt (a.s) are mentioned in many places therein,
Their presence keeps us far away from every sin..
When Rasoolal’lah  (S) held our Ali’s (a.s)’s hand up high,
People were witness to that historic tie!

The Qur’an and Ahlulbayt are one and the same,
In both, written and spoken forms..words of Allah came..
Gate to the city of knowledge is Ali,
Read, understand, reflect and live the Qur’anic life gladly.


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