Trust in Allah

Imam Husayn (a) feared nothing in Karbala. He had full trust in Allah because he was wearing the beautiful armour of Allah- Trust in Him! As you do this experiment, you will see what wearing the armour and not wearing does. Always be rest assured that Allah is everywhere, knows everything and whatever is happening is for the best because we trust Him. Lets be like Imam Husayn (a). Lets LIVE HUSAYN!

Your memory ayah from the Quran to guide you in instilling this value is, Surat Tawbah, (9:129):

“… sufficient is Allah for me, there is no God but He, on Him do I rely, and He is the Lord of Mighty Power.”

Trust in Allah Activity Kit:

  • 2 Oranges
  • Water
  • Large glass bowl – large enough for the 2 oranges to be completely submerged.
  1. Begin by talking about wearing God’s trust. If you were going to put in an armour which God gave you, would you feel safe with whatever is happening?
  2. Place both oranges in the bowl with their armour on. Talk about how both oranges are floating or standing firm in the water.
  3. Slowly begin to peel away some of the skin off one orange. Without the armour, what happens?
  4. By the time all of the skin is peeled off, notice what happens to the orange. Yes, the orange can’t stand tall.
  5. From today, every morning, pretend to put on an armour that God has given you. You have complete trust in God. With this armour, you will not sink, you will stand tall.

Wear your armour. Trust in God is the best armour to wear. Imam Husayn (a) was always dressed in this armour. He stands tall. Lets LIVE HUSYAN!

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