Rasulallah Revolution Science Fair

Surah Yasin Science Festival

All mualims do the Scientist intro

What makes friends go? Let’s meet, talk, can you help me out, woohoo, let’s play, I promise, pssst ….. secret. 

Why!!!! It’s science of course. It’s the science of friendship. 

So come on lets make things go up, down, poof, bang, explode, freeze and discover how to be the best friends we can be. 

You can count on me rhyme. – everyone together recites by heart. Then fade away into the background doing moves and Actor 1 in front. Then Actor 1 goes towards the back and next next and so on. After the introduction, rhyme stanza to close. 


Actor 1: Salaam Alaykum, My name is Sparkly Spiraly (name). I am a Scientist Exploring Outer Space. I spin around in my space shuttle, travelling the sirat and sparkling my soul. Join me , 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 blast off into space and orbit the rising sun.


Actor 2: Salaam Alykum, my name is Zeo Light (name). I am a Scientist exploring crazy chemical reactions. H2o is my favourite Husayni drink. Mixed with Co2 makes it fizz and whizz. Join me in my kitchen for more friendly chemical calabashes. 


Actor 3: Salaam alaikum, My name is Scaler (name). I’m a Scientist exploring the world of calculations. I find everything I calculate equals, made by Allah’s master design the common denominator. Join me and discover the intersecting lines in this world and the next. Oh by the way, Allah is closer to you than a micro millimeter. 


Actor 4: Salaam Alaykum, My name is Forecasting (name). I’m a Meteorologist exploring weather. With my thermometers and barometers, I help discover the weather. It’s just amazing how Allah, the all powerful sends winds and rains, sunshine and snowfall around the globe. Join me and discover the friendly forecast for the future. 


Actor 5: Salaam Alaykum, My name is A B C D E – Environmentalist (name) Call me EF! I spend my days loving Nature and saving Nature. The earth we live on is our cradle, carrying us through our lives towards forever. Join me as I travel the earth spreading  gorgeous Green Deen Delight! 


Actor 6: Salaam alaikum, My name is Nautical (name).  I’m a marine Biologist. That means I study the life under the sea. We are friends with Allah’s creatures in the underwater garden. Join me as we dive into the ocean of what Allah made and swim in His Glory. 


Count on me Rhyme


The Friendly Scientists went to the mosque one Thursday evening. The reciter began to recite Surah Yasin. 

Nabeeha begin to play softly Surah Yasin.


As the Surah was recited, all the visuals of Mr guided and Mr Whoopsie began to play in the scientists minds. 

Actor 7 to come along as Mr Guided and walk on a path you chart out using twinkling lights.

Then go back stage and change into Mr Whoopsie and come and boing along from one side of stage to another and exit from the other side you entered from.


Each scientist holds up a thought bubble of something from surah Yasin.


Then came some amazing scientific ayats from Surah Yasin. All the scientists began to think tafakur.


After the majlis was over the scientists met and came up with a super fantastic idea. Why not have a Science through Surah Yasin Day and share this with the world. 

And that’s exactly what they did. 

sound: turn off the Yasin and mualims stand up and begin to chat with each other softly.

So everyone, 

Welcome to Science through Surah Yasin hosted 

by the Super Sa’ah Scientists. 

Join us outside and inside for an array of amazing calabashes. 


Get your Mr Guided lanyard from me first.

Then go to each scientist in your group and Conduct all experiments, Collect stamps from each of the scientists and then come and then collect your surprise at the end from me if you have been to all the scientists 


Actor 1 – Moon

Ayat 39 Stages of the moon. Then like a dry palm branch.


Put up the Teepee with black fabric and then children get to come inside and you conduct the moon experiment with a stick and a ball and the lamp. Allow the children to see the phases of the moon and get them to spin around themselves to see the phases. 

You can prepare other things that you might need to enhance this science lesson in class. Connect to the ayat and share your awe for Allah as the moon makes a full cycle and helps us determine our month and hence our year. 

You could begin with a guessing game riddle about what you are discussing. Children can learn the word qamar.

Older children will need something a little more meaty so please prepare a more in depth experiment for them to do. It should also be 3D. NO Worksheets.


Actor 2 -Fruits 

Ayat 33 Dead Earth and then it comes alive and we eat of it. 

Ayat 34Date palms and grape vines. 

Ayat 35 We didn’t do it- Be grateful End with gratitude

Children can watch a video or play the game where they get to water the plant and watch it grow. They can select sun or no sun and see the difference in what happens to the plant. 

Show them a tray full of fruits and another tray full of seeds and they have to guess which seed matches which fruit. 

Show another tray with all the ingredients needed to sustain plant growth. Earth, water, sun, oxygen. All provided by Allah. 

Show images of dead trees, no leaves, flowers or fruit and how it comes back to life. We too will come back to life and so our objective is to live for the life we are to come back to and not this one. Little children can put the tree in order from autumn winter spring summer. They can learn the word ardh and habba. Older children can learn ardhul mayta dead earth and habba.


Actor 3 and Actor 5– Day and Night 

Ayat 37 From the night, we draw forth from it the day, then in the dark. The workings of the sun and its benefits

Ayat 38 How the sun runs on an appointed term. Not late even a moment. Telling us something.


You can place photos of the children around the earth. Then in a darker place using a torch show the earth spinning and how we get day and night. Talk about this spinning and who is actually make this whole earth spin. We have the ability to work and rest – day and night all thanks to Allah sustaining us. We need both and without which we would die. Learn the words layl and nahar.

Older children are going to need something a little more meaty. Please do the needful to feed this need. 


Actor 4 –Rain and how it gives life to earth

Ayat 33

Show the children a water cycle experiment. 

Share the water cycle. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, collection.

Take a bowl and a mug. Place the mug in the centre of the bowl. Fill the bowl with hot water 2/3 full. Do not put water in the mug. 

Cover the bowl with cling film. Make sure no gaps are left. 

The plastic wrap will have condensation and some of it will drip into the mug.

Experiment shows how heat from the sun turns water in the bowl to water vapor. Drops get heavy and fall – precipitation. 

We need a more elaborate age appropriate experiment for the older children.

Please research rain clouds in a jar experiment for older children.


Actor 6 and Actor 7 – Buoyancy

Ayat 41. How ships work and how it is a sign. We ride on it.

Sink or float? Guessing game. Children can guess first and then guess why these objects float or sink and why they are or are not buoyant. Then …

Children get to design their very own little buoyant ship. Show them what buoyancy is and how it works. 

Younger children get to make their very own magazine paper boat and show them how and why it works and how it is Allah who is holding us in our boats and ships.

Explain buoyancy. Learn the word ship fulk. 

How is it a sign, an ayat to us. 


You can count on me Rhyme

You can count on me like 1,2,3,

I’ll be there,

I’m a friend that cares,

I can count on you like 4,3,2,

You’ll be there,

You’re a friend that cares.


Clapping- count on me x4


If you ever find youself stuck in the middle of the sea,

Lost in the dark and you can’t see,

I’ll sail the world to find you,

Be the light to guide you,

Ill be there,

You can count on me.


Clapping- count on me x4


You need a shoulder to cry on,

I’ll never let go,

Let you worries sail on,

Soon they’ll be gone,

When we’re called to help our friends in need,

I’ll be there,

You can count on me.


Clapping – count on me x4


I thank Allah for a friend like you,

Loyal, kind, brave, godly too,

This journey we take to the akhira,

I’ll take you with me,

You can count on me.


Clapping- cpunt on me x4


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