Session 8

The Science of Gratitude – Session 8


Allah made this world with perfect balance. 

We live in this world with perfect balance. This balance is obtained through the Divine Guidance we have. They are the balance. Imam Ali often times is known as the mizan. 

When we deal with each other, we deal in a balanced way. 


Justice – Nobody gets to hurt anyone else. 

The whole universe functions justly

Humans need to function justly with each other and in business. 


Anything unjust upsets the balance

Sky moon earth sun don’t upset balance

Trees share the water under the earth, don’t upset the balance.

We too should be the same.  Not take too much etc.


The hidden behind apparent meaning. 

Samaa. Revelation comes from samaa bringing perfect balance of way we live our lives haqq and batil through deen from our guides. Don’t upset the balance by living without deen


Don’t spend family time upset the balance


Too much phone time upset the balance


Allahs Blankets.



actor 1 – Armaan and Miss Tair,  fruit seller

Serah the seagull – actor 2

Sameera the seagull – actor 3

actor 4 – Saalim, Armaan’s mother, Raadhiya



Bird wings or feathers or something 

2 Cameras cardboard 

easel with drawing 

Blankets 2  

Table – Blue 


5 layers of atmosphere 

Card board  arrow


Wooly jacket and cap for actor 4 

actor 4 bandage on arm 

Stripey socks – narrator or actor 4 if you have

Back pack with books with paper and thick marker

Hadith Kisa Kit

Quran and Ahlul bayt poster


Play station console 

To hatta sign 

Weighing scale


Serah and Sameera the seagulls swooped and dived as they flew through the air. The sky is their play ground. They love catching the wind, flapping their wings and flying high in the sky.

actor 2 and actor 3 to do this amazing flying on stage with Card board camera’s around neck. 


Serah and Sameera flew to Birri Bird School on Monday morning. 


Miss Tair, the teacher was busy preparing for her class. 

What are we learning about today Miss Tair. 

Today we are going to learn about Allahs Blankets.  

Allahs blankets??? 

actor 1 to be the teacher with an easel and already ready drawn image.


Yes! Lets start off by wondering what a blanket does?

It protects you. It keeps you warm. actor 2 and actor 3 to answer

Look here are a bunch of humans all wrapped in blankets. They feel so protected, warm and cosy.

Here’s Cosy Zeo Light actor 4. 

Here’s Didi actor 5 all warm and cosy. 

All scientists come on stage wrapped in a blanket and then get off stage. Some of you in Kiddy blankets and some in huge fluffy ones. Big smiles and feelings of protection on your faces

Allah does the same for us. He wraps us in cosy blankets. 

Really! How?

Let me show you.

This is the earth. 

actor 1 to place the earth on the table. You all fly down to earth to find food to eat and you rest in your nest in the trees that grow on earth. 

Add a tree and nest popping out of the earth. Add the popsicle stick with birds above.


Above the earth is the atmosphere, which is made up of 5 layers. Just like the humans who wrap one protection over another, Allah does the same.

actor 4 and actor 5 to come and hold the specially folded labeled sheila


There is, the troposphere, which has all the air and oxygen all of us breathe. Weather like rain and thunder takes place here. This is where we birds fly too. 

actor 4 and actor 5 to hold first labeled Sheila above earth

Next comes….The stratosphere. This protects us from the strong heat of the sun.

(11 miles up) 

actor 4 and actor 5 to open second labeled Sheila above earth


The mesosphere (50 miles up) is very very cold. Brrrr! This is where meteors or shooting stars burn up. Again a huge protective blanket. 

actor 4 and actor 5 to open third labeled Sheila above earth


The ionosphere is what scientists call outer space. (430 miles)

This layer has the electrical ions that cause us to see the northern lights. Its also another layer of protection.

actor 4 and actor 5 to open forth labeled Sheila above earth

And lastly the exosphere (30 miles) This pushes the solar winds down so we have atmosphere. 

actor 4 and actor 5 to open fifth labeled Sheila above earth


If it wasn’t for the balance in the distance between the sky and the earth, we would not be protected. 

actor 1 Place red arrow to show perfectly balanced distance.

Allah says, was samaa a rafaha wa wazaal mizan. 

And the sky, He raised it High and He made the balance. 


Allah got the balance perfect of sky and earth. If the layers were not the way they are, we would either burn with too much heat of the sun or freeze from too much cold from outer space. 

Serah and Sameera, the seagulls looked up at the sky and begun to sing. 

Mr 2T think and thank. 

Thank you Allah for my sky blanket. It is so perfectly balanced. 


Briiing!  narrator to ring the bell

There’s the bell said Miss Tair. 

Your homework for today is to go and observe a human who chooses a cosy protective blanket way to live their life, take pictures with your cameras and we will discuss next class. 

Thank you class. 


Serah the Seagull was deep in thought as she flew in the sky. When she looked up at the blue sky, she now felt sooo protected, so thankful. When she looked down, she spotted a boy actor 4 to come as boy wearing wooly jacket and wooly cap

who lived in the house near her nest. His name was Saalim. She remembered her homework. Observe a human. Saalim was wearing a wooly jacket and wooly cap. The cap and jacket look like protective blankets thought Serah. 


Saalim went indoors. Serah swooped down and sat by the window sill to see what Saalim was up to. Serah noticed so many things that are a protection. Saalims, eyes has eye lids. They close to protect his eyes. Saalim had a bandage on his arm. The bandage was protecting his ouch as it healed. When his mum came home, Saalim said Salaam Alaykum. That’s a dua that says I am at peace with you. That’s like saying I am a protective blanket to you in every way. When Saalim took off his shoes, Serah saw, Saalim’s stripy socks. They protected his feet in a cosy foot shaped blanket. Everywhere Serah looked, there were blankets of protection. 


Then Serah saw Saalim open his school bag. He took out his books and began to read and understand. Saalim was learning about the people during the time of Nabi Ebrahim. They worshipped idols. Huhhhhhh!!!

 Saalim drew an idol on his page and put a huge cross on it. Then he wrote Allah and put a tick. Serah realized that knowledge is a protective blanket from wrong beliefs and wrong doing.  

When Saalim read Hadith Kisa with his family that evening. 

Serah decided to video the hadith kisa. Lets watch together. 


narrator to come and do the hadith Kisa.


Serah realized that the Quran and the Ahlul Bayt are the biggest protective blanket of all. They went in the blanket to show us that they and what they strive for are the biggest protective blanket of all. 

actor 2 to go to the board and point to the Quran and Ahlul bayt poster 


Serah saved all the pictures and videos on her camera. All of a sudden everything she saw is like a protective blanket. A salawat is a protective blanket. Bismillah is a protective blanket. Saying Audhubillah – seeking protection from shaytan is a protective blanket. 


In the meantime, Serah’s friend, Sameera, was also busy doing her homework. She began to watch a boy called Armaan. 

actor 1 to become Armaan now. 


Armaan came home from school and put on his ipad and played games for a couple of hours. 

Play with your ipad making sounds of being so inside and constantly rubbing your eyes. 

Then he switched on his play station and played for a few hours. 

Play with the play station console infront of the TV, make sounds and say, my eyes hurt


He then sat down to watch TV.  actor 1  Sit and watch TV now. 

His eyes burned from the rays of the screen. Sameera could not find a protective blanket. 

He wasn’t wrapped in a protective blanket. When his mum reminded him to take some time to play outdoors, Sameera clicked a picture. His mother’s guidance – a protective blanket.

actor 4 to come and say, Go and play outdoors Armaan.


When Armaan sat to do some work, he could not think. He didn’t have any good ideas. The imagination robber had robbed him. 

actor 5 to come out n hold up imagination robber poster

Because he did not protect his thoughts and golden heart with the protective blanket of balance your time wisely. 

Armaan was struggling. He was not protected. When Saalim visited him later that evening, Saalim advised his friend to balance his life. Sameera and Serah both took a picture because Saalim, his friend was like a protective blanket advising him to protect himself from the imagination robber. 

Saalim offered to help his friend, play football in the garden and work together, Armaan grabbed the opportunity to wear this beautiful protective blanket. Armaan was saved just in time. Allah says, Al laa tatghaw fil meezan.

That you may not upset the balance.


The next day was Friday. Serah and Sameera went to Jumaa prayers. They both realized how Jumaa salaat is a protective blanket from loneliness in the world and a protection of brotherhood. 

actor 1, actor 4, actor 5 all in Kanzus, praying in line together one rakaat fast and then hugging and shaking hnads after juma prayers. Come quickly on stage here so you can do all this. 


After that, Serah and Sameera flew to Hatta. 

actor 2 and actor 3 to fly and point to the TO HATTA sign


In Hatta, they perched atop a little mountain. A man selling fruits parked on the roadside. He waited for people to stop to buy fruits. actor 1 to come and have baskets of boxes and filler stuff underneath and my potatoes and onions and pretend fruits and veg on top. 


Raadhiya stopped by. She loves fruits. The kind man gave Raadhiya watermelon, mangoes, tangerines and daram to taste. They were super sweet. She asked for 2 kilos of each. 

actor 1 to using the weighing scale and put the oranges and make it more than 2 kgs and show the audience.

The kind man weighed the fruits always giving a little extra.  Raadhiya asked, Why do you always give a little extra ? 

he said, Allah says, 

Wa amul wazna bil qist wa la thuksirul meezan.

And keep the balance with justice and fall not short. 

I want to make sure I keep the balance right. That protects me from any errors. 


Raadhiya thanked the kind man giving him a little extra too. 

Everyone went home happy. 

Raadhiya to give her reusable bag to put the fruits and veg and thank the kind man


Serah and Sameera took pictures to share at school.


So my dear friends, always protect yourself with Allah’s protective blankets?


2 STATIONS this week.

All groups down. 

narrator – Purple /Red Experiments then Yellow Experiments

actor 5 – Green Experiments then Blue 

actor 2 n actor 3 – Yellow Dodge ball then Purple/ Red

actor 1 – Blue Dodgeball then Green



2 simple experiments. 

Have a jug of water and some kitchen tissue. 

The jug of water is the world. 

The tissue is us. Fold the tissue to make a square. Draw a smiley face on the tissue. Choose an ink that runs. 

Without protection, lets observe what happens. 

The tissue gets all soaked and the face washes away. 


But when we have our protection. 

Do the same as above. Fold the tissue draw a smiley face and then put inside a glass. Turn the glass over and submerge in the jug completely to create a vacuum, when you pull out the glass and the tissue, it comes out dry and smiley. 


What is this protection? It is the revelations that have come down from above – from Allah to Rasullulah, put together in the form of a book, the Holy Quran and taught to us by the walking talking Quran,s the Ahlul Bayt. This is a package of complete protection. Don’t upset the balance by choosing one or none. Both go hand in hand = the Thaqalayn. 

They guide us and show us the way. 


Children all get to do this experiment. Fold the tissue. Draw themselves on it. Then turn by turn get to place themselves in the glass and submerge in water. Assist younger ones to get the vacuum. 


Experiment 2

Bowl of water represents the world. 

Pepper in the bowl.

When you dip your finger in the water, all the pepper sticks to your finger. Let all the children try this. 


Now dip your finger in the protection – Quran and Ahlul bayt represented by the dish washing liquid. 

Then dip your finger in again and see how the pepper goes away. Now this is protection. 

Keep on Allah’s protective blanket at all times. 




Children play dodge ball and have a shield, thali as protection. 

The ones inside see how they are so protected with these things from the on coming balls. Soft  balls to be used here. 

Connect to always having this protection of Quran and Ahlul bayt in life when life throws you with choices, situations, circumstances. The protective blanket is what will protect you. This equates to balance mizan in life. 

Then the children swop. 


Yellow group get to cover themselves with these cosy soft blankets and express their feelings about how they feel. It is soft, it is warm, it is cosy, it is safe. Quran and Ahlul bayt are like these blankets that make you safe, warm, cosy. 

They are a big big blessing.


All stations connect to Fabiayyi ala irabikuma thukaziban. 

Children can do the sign language for the ayat. 

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